Places to stay/sleep

Aug 19, 2015 11:15 JST

Note that I did not name the title ‘Accommodation’. The reason is because we all have different methods and opinions for travelling. If there is a layover at airport for 10 hours, then I will sleep at the airport (This happened to me in San Jose en route to Maui from Seattle). If the place is safe and there is a place to camp or simply sleep, then I will sleep there. If I need to shower myself, then I will try to find a bathing spot to bath myself. If there is a free place to stay, then I will stay there. If the price for hostel is not too expensive, then I will definitely stay there and meet people…etc. So many options.

Not-so-expensive methods with recommended length of stay:

Note: Free & $: Free account to use the website: $ to make an account and use the website

Short-term (<1 week)

  • Couchsurfing (Free)
  • Not-so-expensive hotels/hostels with tour offers

Medium-term (>2 weeks)

  • WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) ($)
  • Help Stay ($)

Long-term (>1 month)

  • Airbnb

***Couchsurfing, WWOOF, and Help Stay are free accommodations.

…and of course, staying at your friend or relative’s home.

Methods mentioned above not only provide you a place to stay, but you can also meet locals and travellers and travel together. In this case, I would say Airbnb is probably not the best option if you also want to meet locals and fellow travellers.

I have not used any of these tools except for hostel with amenities back when I travelled to Hawaii in 2012  since I am just starting to travel (I cannot travel for long-term since I am working full time). I love talking to people for travel advice and this is where I get all the information from. Because I have no experience with these, I am only going to include benefits and possible areas that the traveller needs to be careful about.


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