October 23, 2015 1:43PM


I would like to see advertisement on my page. I am considering it, but if there is an opportunity for that, I would like to proceed with it. I have only started this blog in September 2015 after coming back from Thailand trip and just started Twitter 5 days ago. I tweeted about 5 on the first day and I was surprised that people were already messaging me messages about their work and on average, I have 10 followers each day. I have 50 followers at the moment. I believe that if I were to continue my frequent tweeting and WordPress activity, there will be many more to come. For now, it is just a thought that I admire.

If you would like to have advertisement on my page, I would like it.

Guest posts

No matter how popular you are, I would like to some guests post on my page. When I am ready, I will ask directly. While I am still developing this site at the time I am writing this, if you would like to have guest post, feel free to contact me.

Your blog or website

I am certainly interested in guest posting on someone’s blog or website. While at this stage, it may be too early for me to contact much larger website to enlist this blog, I am certain that time will come. Other than travel blogging, I am also an expert in environment and wildlife conservation. I have volunteered extensively while in university and won 2 awards consequently in my background. I think it is wonderful to combine past experience to obtain multiple sets of skills and be successful in interests (i.e. photography, nature, blogging).


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