Luxury Travel

Aug 19, 2015 16:34 JST

Luxury travel is the term that I have coined is the most common travel methods that travellers travel. Tours and family travel are included in this category. I do not need to explain much for this method as this way of travel is probably the first travel experience that most people have in their childhood – i.e. driving for couple of hours to picnic and camping site with luggages stored in the trunk.

Some very basic items needed to be prepared regardless of seasons:

  • extra clothes depending on the length of travel
  • light source (lamp, headlamp, flashlight) if the travel involves darkness
  • at least 2L of water per person (depends on how much the person drinks) and the humidity and the length of travel
  • handbag/backpack – size depended on the goal of the travel
  • light food, snacks – always comes handy
  • watch – do not forget to set the time if you are travelling to different location with different time from your home country and remember the time difference!
  • mobile phone – it is strongly recommended to obtain WiFi if the country does not have unlimited WiFi
  • emergency phone number – learn what emergency number to call

If the place to stay is at hotel and you are travelling on your own, not with tour and especially when you do not have a car and at an unfamiliar location, then be sure to talk to the hotel receptionist on where to go for emergency, important phone numbers, where to visit, and local food market.


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