Blog Guideline

Welcome to Beyond Adventurer’s traveller blog!

The blog was started in Aug 2015 aimed for the interested readers to travel and reach beyond. There are many different and new experiences to explore. Beyond Adventurer will share experiences and opinions and hope that the readers can travel with ease and maybe can travel with Beyond Adventurer when their paths are met.


Sept 14, 2015 4:04PM JST

NOTE: Most of blog entries are written in journal style. This means that the blog entries are purposedly written very detailed. Why would they be so detailed and the audience may get bored while reading? Well, that is because Beyond Adventurer, Yoko, wants to acknowledge fellow travellers that there are both ups and downs during travel and would like to have the audience imagine how Yoko feels during and after travels. As such, important words are in bolder texts so the reader can focus on areas that he/she might be interested while travelling.


Sept 30, 2015 3:22PM JST

The blog posts as main starting points on this blog is also (usually) posted under ‘Destination’ section. It is easier to navigate in the main page; therefore, please take time and view depending on what you want to see – older posts are mostly stored under ‘Destination’ or elsewhere, and newer posts are posted in the main page.


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