Blog Writing

Sept 4, 2015 9:28AM JST

There are many ways how travel bloggers write. I personally think that it is very important to write in my own voice where I have freedom of speech. I mention both positive and negative comments and feelings in my blog so the reader can perceive how I feel. If I write positively, then the reader can only see the surface. I believe that there is always something negative when someone goes travelling regardless it is short-term or long-term unless it is a day trip or a relaxed trip with no potential to be negative or somewhere that is the most pleasant as possible, such as at an expensive resort near bearch or a trip where everything is prepared for you.

Picturesque blog

Photo is a great way to show that you have the passion to travel and have the readers imagine where you have been and imagine that they would like to go there one day. Ideally, depending on what your blog is based on, the pictures should be based on them. If the blog is about travelling more in the rural areas than cities, then supposedly, there should be lots of wildlife experiences. If the setting is an agricultural field, then there should be locals working at farms doing their daily work or having posed for the pictures. Although I have not been to remote areas in China, I heard lots of positive stories from other travel bloggers. In China, remote residents in villages several hours away from the main city or smaller cities rarely see Caucasians (‘exotic foreigners’) so they will get very excited and treat Caucasian travellers with great warmth. They would invite travellers to their homes for a meal. They would show and teach their daily routined work. I would say every blogs have pictures. It is how you present the pictures that determines how many people are interested in reading your blog and they could also potentially follow your blog.

Nature blog

I love everything outdoor. I regularly go hiking – almost every weekend here in Japan; the hikes are a couple of hours away from Tokyo/Kanto area. My Beyond Adventurer blog is mostly based on nature and awesome outdoor activities I have experienced during my not-so-yet travelled life. This is the first step to show the world how I enjoy writing blog at the same time I am living like everyone else.

Featured image

Tanigawadake (谷川岳). 1977m. summit. One of the 100 famous mountains in Japan.


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