Aug 17, 2015 JST 15:51

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

– Mark Twain


Just three words – I LOVE TRAVELLING.

Another word that perhaps describe me the best is: Old Soul.

I love travelling and meet people from the world to exchange knowledge and wisdom. When I was in university, I volunteered extensively and did not work due to the schedule flexibility. I did a 4-month internship in summer. All I thought was getting relevant experience in my field and land on a job after graduation. I ended up buying a Canon 60D using the money earned from the internship and spent the rest of the money on getting a driving license, which I failed three times for both Learning and Novice stages before getting actual license – what a shame, but at least I got the license and I even switched it to Japanese license before it got expired when I was in Japan! (I am working in Japan at the time I wrote this). Since I am earning salary now, I plan to travel whenever possible. Since I live in Japan now (Aug 2015), I plan to travel to South and Southeast Asia since they are closer and flights are cheaper and I am able to travel to 5-6 countries within 3 weeks, just to have a record of how many countries I have visited. I cannot get so many holidays in Japan, but I can still try. Do not give up and ask your boss to see if he/she can let you go for a long period of time for vacation if you are working!

When I wrote this, I was inspired by a professional travel blogger (Young Adventuress). I have also read several other blogs but Young Adventuress, I feel, has the best writing style. My interests match her very well. We both love outdoor and thrilling activities. We both cannot travel without Canon DSLR. We both prefer travelling alone but also enjoy time with other fellow travellers. I also love sharing my opinions and ideas and give recommendations. This is my first step to travel blogging. I have also written other blogs on different topics so blogging is nothing new to me, but attracting blog to others, I must work hard. Nothing is easy in order to be successful.

Finally, about me: I am Top 25 Under 25 Environmentalist (The Starfish, as mentioned below, May 2015) and my photos have been listed as one of the top photos twice at Simon Fraser University (June 2012 & Oct 2015).

The highlighted are keywords that define me:

  1. I am born in Japan and raised in Canada, with 6 years in China when I was very young.
  2. I consider myself Canadian and do not consider myself Chinese.
  3. I am an environmentalist and a wildlife enthusiast.
  4. I have a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science with a certificate in Geographical Information Systems (GIS).
  5. I love studying maps – I collect them.
  6. I hope to be involved in wildlife conservation research one day.
  7. I want to know species names of every animals I see, especially birds.
  8. I love researching and analyzing.
  9. I will extensively research the flight prices and pick the best. If there is a large amount of negative reviews on an airline (i.e. Thai Airways – frequently delays for ~24 hours), I will automatically choose the next cheapest flight.
  10. I am picky about brands and cameras. I love Canon and North Face. I do not buy cheap and crappy items.
  11. I am an outdoor person, I will try to enjoy outdoor whenever possible, but I am not so fit to hike long distance and hours with heavy backpack (>20lb/10kg).
  12. I get extremely excited about medieval history and ancient civilizations, particularly Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome.
  13. Since I like nature, I tend to avoid major cities while travelling, unless I have a lot of time.
  14. If there is a natural history museum nearby, I must go there.
  15. As of Aug 2015 when I am writing this, I have only been to Hong Kong, Taiwan, and United States outside my residence countries of Canada, China, and Japan. I will be going to Thailand for scuba diving in less than a week.
  16. I will try to rely on hostels and Couchsurfing during my travel. Cheaper (or free) the better.
  17. I hate tours.
  18. I have bungee jumped in Whistler and I was not scared when jumped but scared when rebounding with rope going up and down.
  19. I do not eat organs, lamb, and goat related food products (I simply cannot get it into my mouth and I will feel sick).
  20. I will not eat exotic animal meat (i.e. buffalo, zebra, frog).
  21. I am very sensitive to smell and taste (i.e. fat in meat).
  22. I sometimes think I think too much too often and I go crazy.
  23. I can think from different perspectives.
  24. I have never been to Europe but Europe is a wonder for me and it is my first priority to visit countries in Europe all at once.

Othan than blogging, I am a regular writer for the Starfish, a Canadian NPO dedicated to raising environmental awareness for Canadian youth.

Lastly, although I want to travel often and wish to be a professional travel blogger, I still want to pursue my childhood dream of working in wildlife conservation field and save wildlife from becoming extinct.

Yoko Lu

Source: TalentEgg


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