History of Z (Book)

Book Recommendation:

History of Z – Author: Margi Cilento (Contact her)


Script from part of the book:


Tale of Sarajevo


And the date with Enis, the hostel guy from Sarajevo, jumps unequalled at the first  place of my personal all-time-absurdest-dates top 5.


We start by strolling towards the bar where he intends to take me: the “shortcut” will be the cemetery.

Now. Let’s take a moment to go through the tragedy of this Land, with its huge loss in terms of human lives, and about the way Bosnians seem to have worked it out -the continuous, extraordinary loss. It’s… remarkable? Moving? Brilliant? However you want to call it. The deads are literally everywhere, present. Close to the living, that, in spite of this, stay casual and playful, light.


Enis and I eventually reach the bar, on top of a hill from where the night-view of Sarajevo is stunning. We order our drinks -tea, as Enis is a practicing muslim.
He is nice to me, flirts: nothing weird about that. Until I guess -correctly- that he has a girlfriend, and he doesn’t hide it -which he could. He exposes me his theory instead: since you have 7 women for every man in the world, Islam does good allowing men to have up to 4 wives! You know how it is: a man can love more than one woman, whereas women are possessive. And anyway: at least when in 4, the wives would never be lonely when the man’s at work! If there were to be only 2 of them, they would be rivals, with 3 one would always be excluded… 4 is the perfect number! Right after this he asks me if I like shooting. Sure. Who doesn’t.


“That’s too bad: we could have gone shooting a little bit”.

Then one moment, inevitably, we get to talk war. He was 6, but he remembers everything very well.

“You cannot understand, being 6, a yellow t-shirt and blue shortpants, and thinking you are the target”.

We don’t talk about his father -but you can tell he lost him. Maybe that’s why Enis enjoys shooting.