Youtube(r) – job or hobby?

***Decided to post this one week (March 15, 2016) later – my insight on Youtube(r)***

March 8, 2016 11:08AM (JP) (With some edits on March 15, 2016)

I normally don’t write about people who do very negative things to me because I don’t get offended very easily. But this time, it’s extremely bad that I feel the need to write – simply because I got accused of something that is not true and she does not ask for my opinions and completely unfriended me off on Facebook. The following is one of the reasons, but not the main reason why she unfriended me; otherwise we would not have been friends since the beginning. I am just here to counter-argue and justify my reasoning.


I went to this particular friend’s home party here in Japan, as I would normally do, since she invites me almost every time (she did not invite me to Thanksgiving Party, but she assured she did – I had to check my Facebook invites for proof). I have few friends who would actually stay and enjoy time with me together, so I felt amazing being accepted and even get invited to home parties. I usually initiated conversation with someone (while drinking), since almost everyone knows each other and they are within the circle of this friend’s friends.

***Note: this is all through Youtube community, where the Youtubers share the same interest and invite their non-Youtube friends as well. I am not a Youtuber; I met this person (“ex-friend”) at a Pub Crawl event way back in November 2014, which was also the time when I was extremely bored and I literally partied every weekend, until Winter 2014, when I connected through an outdoor club, and started enjoying outdoor activities, which is my hobby – clubbing is not. I think this might be one of the reasons why I don’t get along with people my age because I am ‘boring’.

Parties went very well – talking to people and making friends. I know I said rude things to people and some people don’t like me. That is just my nature – I am very direct and straightforward, I say honest things that may offend some people. I am a very curious person so I dig for information that may interest me. During one of the first home parties that she has invited me, I talked to a couple of people going to the train station and asked what they were doing for their life. They made Youtube and said it was their job. I got very interested so I asked a bunch of questions, and these questions offended them very much and I was somewhat aware of it. But just recently, after this ex-friend has ended friendship, she used exact words that I may have said to someone and I immediately knew she was referring to. So, I was curious – I wanted to know what I have said was really offensive. I googled up and voila! - the offended person actually wrote it on her blog (I have decided not to provide a link here – you will need to search by searching some keywords noted in the screenshots below). Okay, I got it; I said rude things– but what she has said in her blog does not match her title. If they (her friend and the husband) has clearly said they owned business and they were content creator, then yes, I agree that it is a job (a real one since this is where they make their income). However, what her friend answered was “I work with my husband making Youtube videos” (quote taken right off her blog. Yeah, this does not imply that they were content creators.) – but I have screenshots – these are the ultimate proofs –> and I cannot even post here due to copyrights. This is also my first time ever accessing a website that does not allow me copy and paste its contents. What I am trying to say is: the actual people who got directly offended by this was the author’s friends, not her – she was just defending Youtubers, in general. If she says Youtube is a real job, not a hobby, then what she says on her blog about her own job clearly contrasts what she has said in this particular thread.

***Note: Some of the words, or examples – in italics, I have used in the following paragraphs are directly taken off her website.

If they clearly mentioned their ‘job’ is business owner and content creator instead of just saying they make Youtube videos, then I would otherwise have said completely different thing. They definitely have not mentioned ‘content creator’. Besides, app developer, can be a hobby and a job as well, which I agree that it is mostly ‘real’ job. But – Airbnb host? That’s something else. Uber driver? Oh god. I am not going to ‘argue’ on this stuff, but maybe I will, some day – just because I believe ‘Airbnb host’ and ‘Uber driver’ are not something that one should put on their resume when they are looking for a new job – those are businesses, unless they want to work in that specific narrow field, which is very unlikely. These are just one of the options that people make money – extra money.

Some of the comments are provided by several interesting people. Majority of them say the woman in question (me, of course) is a jealous and rude person. They say things based on what the author says. However, others view things differently – they, like me, can think from different perspectives and they know how to deal with different kinds of people. I think these people are truly intelligent thinkers. Now, my comment to LJ’s comment, I think as a foreigner married to a Japanese person it is unique to most people; therefore, it is not difficult for the foreigner to connect and make money off something that may intrigue others. Cultural difference is the key. Foreigners who likes Japan or foreigners who are currently dating or married to Japanese people are particularly attracted to these blogs, in my opinion. Thus why there are so many TV shows directed to foreigners in Japan, and these generally have high number of viewers.

Some of the blogger’s contents are contrary to each other. Funny how she defined ‘making youtube videos’ is a ‘real’ job huh? This even says she does “not have a job here [her]self”. So, what is a ‘real’ job?

I mean, seriously, a job is a job – and business is business, as one of the commentors has mentioned. Why are we talking about whether job is being real or not? Why a hobby can’t get paid? Is this a job? Maybe and maybe not – it really depends, but if something gets paid and money is earned, then, technically speaking, it is a business.

Is there a ‘fake’ job? This isn’t a job. So, we should not argue with people and just say ‘real’ job. A job is a job. If I said this wrong, she could have fixed me and should not have considered my rudeness seriously. Besides, in her own eyes, I am Japanese, and many Japanese people are new to this Youtube world and most of them will say Youtube is not a job – it is a hobby, unless they are famous Youtubers and make tons of money, like a true celebrity that everyone knows – or, of course, someone who makes money for living, and someone Youtube as their primary source for earning money.

In retrospect, it is even more awesome when the author thinks I am in my mid-thirties! I really loved this. (Oh yeah, I am extremely sure the author is referring to me!)

One more point: Don’t get offended when you think someone says very offensive things to you. Forgive if it is first interaction with the person. Try to digest the conversation and background deep.


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