Japan – Stereotype 1 – Gaijin Hunter (1)

Gaijin Hunter – my personal experience with a foreigner

March 14, 2016 18:05 (JP)


Japan is a very interesting country. Lots of foreigners want to travel to Japan for its exotic oriental culture and because of their childhood dream. Their love of Japan include anime, fashion, gaming, and various other reasons. Many foreigners, especially the blonds, are very attractive to young Japanese girls/women. Even in foreign countries, when Japanese people are travelling and see good-looking foreigners, they would ask for ‘random’ photos, just because they think it is ‘cool’ to be with these people. I once talked to someone online (a gamer playing with the same mobile game with me) saying that she is from Australia and once upon time, at a beach, there were these two Japanese (or Asian, but they were Japanese, as she claimed) girls approaching her two younger brothers and started taking photos without asking for permission. This implies that the phenomenon ‘Yellow Fever’ is not just in Japan.


‘Yellow Fever’ – If you look up ‘Yellow Fever’ in dictionary or on the Internet, there is an actual meaning and it is literally a disease which is caused by mosquitoes in tropical regions. However, in Japan, the term is very racially negative – ‘Yellow’, by no means, means Asian – and the term means:


White males who have a clear sexual preference for women of Asian descent, although it can also be used in reference to white females who prefer Asian men (Source: Urban Dictionary)


Comparing to Yellow Fever…


Gaijin HunterA Japanese person interested in foreigners (Gaijin) because they want to learn English and they are very interested in knowing the western culture. However, it most often refers to Japanese women.


Gaijin, the term itself, is considered as offensive to many foreigners (and Japanese) because the word Gaijin 外人 is short form of Gaikokujin外国人. Gaijin literally means a person who is from outside – an exclusive person. Gaikokujin means someone from a country outside (a foreign country).


My story:


Gaijin Hunter, however, has a deeper meaning and it is not a good one. I have recently been wrongfully accused of being called as a Gaijin hunter and I got shocked along with other nonsense reasons that has made my friend alienated and defriended me. This was all over private message on Facebook and due to vast amount of silly comments that this friend has said about me, I couldn’t sleep that night. I had panic attack – left chest pain – and I only slept 4 hours that night. It was also a Monday and I had to work next day. The actual incident happened two days prior – I went to a birthday party invited by her friend and she also went. Fortunately, none of those who went to the birthday party knew me well, and only the person who invited me to the party went to the ex-friend’s home party one week prior to the birthday party. Eventually, the birthday friend has unfriended me on Facebook as well, at exactly same time when the ex-friend has cut the friendship. This implies that the birthday girl was told by the ex-friend about me.


Anyway, what actually happened and what the ex-friend insisted that I was being rude at home party was that I was flirting with guys, at every party. This is particularly really not true because I was very drunk and I was merely talking to people. And her last message, that made me shocked, was that she referred to the first time when we first met, at a club and again, I was super drunk. I remembered sitting on her lap and fooling around. Apparently she thought I was interested in her. I actually thought she meant we both went to club looking for men, not until my friend told me she was actually interested in me, as she was also interested in women other than men. I half laughed and half maddened reading this.


The friend whom I shared the last message also had a drastic past relationship with this person who defriended me. There was someone (a guy) who stayed at the ex-friend’s home once upon a time. This guy was trying to hook up with this girl and it made the girl go home early. The ex-friend (home owner) thought the guy was innocent and it was the girl who started it all. The ex-friend did not believe in her and it took a year for the innocent girl to get back to the friendship. This told me what kind of person the ex-friend is like and because of this, it reassured me very much and it took me only one day to get it over with. I was proud of myself.




What I meant to say, for my story, is that this ex-friend is clearly thinking of me as someone who regularly flirts with foreign guys (all her party-goers are foreign) and now she thinks me as a Gaijin Hunter, based on my behavior when we first met.


Next, I talked to several others and all of them agreed with me that drunken girls do all kinds of things to people especially when it is a club and when they don’t know other people. However, in this case, no one other than this ex friend and her husband claim the issue. She did not ask me to say my thoughts and she just defriended me. However, she did tell me why she was to end the friendship.


I am not going to everything because there are a lot of things that she openly told me about her past has made me clearly think of her as someone who has some issues with people – for one example, not being able to resist someone who talk bad about her (yes, she actually confronted a Yakuza member on a busy street in Shibuya near train station and the leader who was with this member was about to hire her, until she showed that she was from military! Everyone was staring at this while confrontation was in process. I was not on spot. Yes, Yakuza and military have very bad relationship with each other).

Because of her unique past, it intrigued me enough to ask about her interesting life story. Now, even though I am sad that I lost one friend (and some of her friends), I have learned from very early to move on and make more friends through other outings, which are not difficult to find.



So the stereotype, here, although it is a very rare case, and I have learned that I need to learn my own behavior in front of people close to me, one should not judge someone based on first impression, especially when someone is drunk. Flirting means nothing when the actual person says it is not flirting. Therefore, in this case, it is clearly not a definition of Gaijin Hunter, especially when I am Gaijin myself and I am very westernized – I cannot make Japanese friends very easily; I just act and think very differently. Also, due to Asian culture and perhaps, family culture, many Japanese girls (and other Asians) want to escape from their childhood memory so they can engage and have fun with foreigners because in many cases, (although I could be stereotype here too), foreigners are symbols of freedom and joy, and sometimes, it can indeed be reckless (like my case).


Therefore, many people mistake the two terms – Gaijin Hunter andYellow Fever.


I will include more information on these two terms in another portion.


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