October 23, 2015 1:22PM

Although it was not my intention to write topics outside my own travel on this so-called travel blog, I have decided to follow up and write everything that I can think of, and improve situations of the world so that everyone can live in harmony without having negative impact on the surroundings. This, I believe, is not something many travel bloggers, especially those who make money off blogging, write. It is also not my intention to be unique from other bloggers – I just want everyone to see my point of view and understand how I think.

Now, I want to raise some issues or points at different levels, especially at global level, that I have in my mind, that associates with travel and most importantly, how people think and see the world. I would like travellers to think about issues around them while they are travelling, as they see more things than non-travellers and can think in different ways. While I am sure that less travelled individuals can also think in different ways, I think that they can only think that way if they have enough knowledge to do so and how they brain works – i.e. creativity, openness to innovation.

If you, as a reader and thinker, have anything that you are concerning and want to raise issue about it, please let me know, because I believe I can write it, thinking from different perspectives. Please leave reply or privately send me an e-mail.


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