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October 22, 2015 9:34AM JST


I have started Twitter three days ago, on October 19, 2015. I wanted to see how many followers I can achieve and would like to have my blog spread out and have my blog witnessed. It is a beginning step to start the hobby of writing a blog. Although my blog is aimed for travel blog, I may include other things as well, just like the 5 hashtags I have currently included on my Twitter account within word limit – #Travel, #blogger, #environment, #life, and #nature.

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I still have no idea what happened. I gained 20 followers after 2 days, and I noticed that blog had 18 followers, which I thought it was perhaps because I followed them (I followed 18 out of 20 followers by this time), they automatically follow me. And I was right. After I have submitted and posted this page/post, yup, I got 35 people on my page.

I thought it was wonderful. I am personally not a Twitter user; I do not use Facebook much either. I just do not like to post. I use Facebook to message and share photos; I rarely stalk people’s lives and ‘life’ or comment on them – I just do that when I am quite bored or have nothing to do on the train. However, after discovering how awesome Twitter is, I will start to tweet and hopefully people follow me, especially big players. There are a couple of big players following me now.  Actually, and one of them has many followers but his following is nothing compared to that – it’s about 1:120 ratio(Following:Followers). And some of them are regulars – I assume they are not super Twitter users, since they have very few followers and following.

If you want to start a blog and want people to know about it, I urgently you start Twitter. Many users daily use Twitter to check out news feeds and what other people want to say. It does not have to be Travel, but it can be anything.

Twitter is new for me and I will continue embrace social media power. I will think about next step: perhaps create a Facebook profile of Beyond Adventurer and Instagram.

If I can do it, you can do it too! Challenge and discover the world.

10:14AM JST

Interesting. Followed by 35 people, but viewed 117 times. Just now. Noted.


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